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Deer Hunts for 2022-2023  License Year

Mule Deer Draw     License                       Dates                       1x2Guide              1x1Guide

Archery (UNIT 29)   50 FAD             1/1/23-1/15/23               $4200.00(6 days)       $4700/00(6 days) 

Rifle      (UNIT29)                 170 FAD                  10/29/22-11/2/22           $4000.00                    $4500.00 

Rifle      (UNIT29)                 170FAD                   11/12/22-11/16/22          $4000.00                   $4500.00

Archery (UNIT 34S)         450 FAD      9/1/22-9/24/22          $4300.00(6 days)    $4800.00 (6 days)

Archery (UNIT 34SS)       350 FAD 1/1/23-1/15/23        $4300.00 (5 days)        $4800.00 (6 days)

Muzzleloader (UNIT 34       340 FAD    11/05/22-11/09/22         $4000.00                    $4500.00 

 Mobility impared  Youth (UNIT34S) 45 MI 50      10/23/22-10/27/22       $4000.00                    $4500.00

Rifle (UNIT 34)         735S                      10/29/22-11/02/22         $4000.00                    $4500.00

 Rifle (UNIT 34)               735S 11/12/22-11/16/22        $4000.00          $4500.00


2022 /2023 No Draw Private Land Hunts Guaranteed License (Limited number of hunts available) 

Mule Deer Private Land                     Dates                                1x2Guide                1x1Guide

Archery                                 call for available dates and units       $4700.00(6 days)     $4700.00 (6 days)

ML                                        call for available dates and units        $4500.00                 $5000.00(5 days)

Rifle                                      call for dates and available units        $4500.00                 $5000.00(5 days)

 Prices may vary depending or ranches and location call for more info

Public Land Draw Deadline is March 16, 2022 5PM for the 2022-2023 License Year. STC Outfitting is hunting unit 34 public land and draw for your license. Non-resident license fees for standard hunts are $270.00, and a $9.00 Habitat and HMAS stamp fee and a $65.00 general license fee. Non-resident license fees for Quality or high demand hunts are $355.00 license fee, a $9.00 Habitat and HMAS stamp fee. A $65.00 general license must be purchased to apply in draw to hunt private land in addition to your other license.

2022/2023 Private Land (Guaranteed License)STC Outfitting is hunting high various terrain depending on unit. Hunt fees for license standard $283.00 and Quality $368.00, plus $9.00 stamp fee, $65.00 fee for general license. Please call for additional details and info on these hunts. There is a limited number available and will fill fast.

• Prices include guide, meals and lodging unless other wise stated on your contract. Some combo hunts are available if dates overlap. 
• State licenses, sales tax 6.3125%, and gratuities are not included in the above pricing.
• STC will take care of all your draw paperwork with the state,  and take care of receiving your License and all necessary tags with no additional fees

 NON-HUNTERS $200.00 per day (includes meals and lodging)